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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Lesbian Scene in "Rome"

I was watching "Rome" the other day on HBO, and there was this little lesbian scene between a younger women and older women, and enemy of the younger woman's mother. No, for sure HBO strives to make it's series have more sex and violence than on normal TV, which I guess helps seperate from normal TV. And "Rome" certainly has it's share of both. Now this scene was somewhat necessary for the plot. But it immediately struck me as another of numerous attempts by the TV and movie industry to pander to men's desire to watch two women having sex. And frankly, it irritated me.
I am not sure whether I feel like the media is simply exposing us men for the lesbian loving pervs that we are, and that is why I felt irritated, or that I have just become so bombarded by girl on girl sex in the mainstream media, that I feel that it has just gone too far.
Now, I am obviously a fan of lesbian porn, but I still feel like it belongs in the bedroom, watched by adults who deliberately choose to watch it. I don't feel like it belongs in so many popular TV shows and movies, where frequently it serves little purpose other than to give guys something to "ooh" about later. And I fear that all this exposure is having a negative effect on young women today, who are now bombarded by lesbian imagery from all over the place, and worse, often pressured by guys at high school and college parties to kiss other women, or more. I admit, I have wanted to see two girls kiss at a party, but I guess I had to get a little order to realize that it might not be the best idea. I certainly would not want a bunch of girls trying to get me to kiss my best friend, and we shouldn't be doing the same thing to them. And the media should be putting girl on girl sex in movies where people might not want to see it. You know what you are getting when you join a lesbian website or rent an adult video, but you shoulnd't have to worry about your daughter seeing it on "The OC" or other popular shows and movies.
I am glad that perhaps the attitudes towards gay sex are improving. I guess I would rather see lesbianism popularized than vilified. So that is a good thing. But I believe the media has many time crossed the line, and instead of showing gay women as equals, as acceptable, they are using them purely as sex objects for male fantasies, and treating lesbian sex as a silly thing that pretty women expirement with in college, whose sole purpose is to entertain guys.


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